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Mileage to Common Destinations
(From 657 Chamberlin)
Destination Address Mileage
Laboratory 100 Sower Blvd 4.2
Motor Pool 369 Warsaw St 5.5


• via Louisville Rd

• via US 127 S

I-64 Exit 53B 2.5 For calculating mileage when leaving from residence and passing by Frankfort.

Car Reservation

Reserving a car:

  1. First, download the Trip Ticket (Form FM-3), if you don't already have it.
  2. Go ahead and fill in your departure date, return date, and destination. When you call the Division of Fleet Management (AKA, the Motor Pool), they'll ask you for this information.
  3. They'll also ask you for your Driver's License number, so have that ready.
  4. Call the Motor Pool at 4-4680, indicating that you need to reserve a car.
  5. In addition to the information above, they'll also ask you for the "Department or Cost Center Code." This is pre-filled on the form available above.
  6. If you're going to Chicago or another long drive away, the Motor Pool will usually make sure you have a larger sedan with fewer miles on it. In any case, make sure you get the car you need for the trip you're making.
  7. At this point, they'll give you the Reservation Number, which you need to write down.
  8. Have your supervisor sign the Trip Ticket before you leave. It must be signed before you can leave with the car.
  9. In addition, have yourself and anyone else who may be driving the car on the trip sign the FM-3.
  10. At this point, make a copy of the Trip Ticket for post-trip later. The original form will be left with the Motor Pool.

Picking up the car you reserved:

  1. Bring the Trip Ticket and your [unexpired] license with you when you go to the Motor Pool. You must be one of the people listed on the FM-3 to pick up the car.
  2. There will be a sign posted in the lobby designating the window for picking up a car.
  3. Tell them the name under which the car was reserved and give them the Trip Ticket.
  4. Follow their lead. They know what they're doing. Have your license ready.
  5. You'll need to sign the check-out book next to your name, but just wait until they tell you to do so.
  6. Eat the free candy if you like, but don't complain about it. We are spoiled by Diane's candy.
  7. They'll give you the keys with the attached cardholder. This cardholder contains the WEX fuel card. Make sure you know the PIN code. And remember that, when you stop to fuel up, if the car is an E85 "Flex Fuel" vehicle, fill it up with E85. Otherwise, 87-octane is just fine.
  8. Once you're good to go, someone will take you out to your car. The term "your" is used very loosely. This is not your car. Treat it with the respect you'd appreciate from the previous person driving it. And don't bring Portillo's back with you on such a long trip, leaving the car smelling like Italian beefs for who knows how long.
  9. You can leave your car in the spot where the state car was parked while you're gone. The Motor Pool's lot is watched closely.
  10. Make sure to note the mileage on the odometer before you leave the parking lot. Many take a picture of the odometer with their phones. This pre-trip mileage will be written down on the Trip Ticket copy you made previously.

Returning the state car:

  1. When you arrive back to the Motor Pool, drive to the pumps across from the parking lot. Fill up the tank.
  2. Park the car back in the same spot it was in before. This spot number is noted on the keys' cardholder.
  3. Again, note the mileage on the odometer (write it down, take a picture, etc.). This post-trip mileage will be written down on the Trip Ticket copy as before.
  4. Make sure you've cleared everything out of the car that shouldn't be in there, remembering to respect the next person who's going to be driving it, especially the distance they are from the nearest Portillo's.
  5. Grab the keys and lock up the car, making sure you remember the mileage on the odometer.
  6. If you return to the Motor Pool after hours, you still drop off the keys at the Motor Pool. You don't keep them until the next business day to return them.
  7. Enter the small front room that you passed through to pick up the car.
  8. The lock box has a slot to drop the keys into. Before you drop them in, recognize that this is your last chance to remember anything you might've left in the car. Once you're sure, drop the keys in the slot. (Don't worry too much. They have a Lost & Found that will keep things for a very, very long time. True story.)
  9. There's a clipboard sitting on a very short table that has no mercy for tall people. This is where you check in the car. Make sure to note the post-trip mileage on the sheet.
  10. Here's the point where you lament that you forgot in the car the LED lamp you purchased from IKEA.

Finishing up:

  1. When you get back to the office, make sure you've written the pre- and post-trip odometer readings on the FM-3 copy.
  2. Scan the FM-3 on the Ricoh, setting the destination as "Trips." This is used to double-check the mileage that we saw with the mileage charged to us by Fleet Management.
  3. And don't forget your travel voucher!

Mileage Reimbursement

Per 200 KAR 2:006

Section 9. Mileage. (1) Mileage commuting between home and work station shall not be paid.
(2)(a)If an employee's point of origin for travel is the employee's residence, mileage shall be paid for the shorter of mileage between:
     1. Residence and travel destination; or
     2. Work station and travel destination.
(b) If an employee's point of origin for travel is the employee's workstation, and after proceeding to a travel destination, the employee's final destination is the employee's residence, mileage shall be paid for the shorter of mileage between:
     1. Residence and travel destination; or
     2. Workstation and travel destination.
(3) Vicinity travel, and authorized travel within a claimant's work station shall be listed on separate lines on the Travel Payment Voucher (TP or TPI) document.

Specific Examples (Confirmed)

  • You're working the Kentucky State Fair Labor Cabinet booth on a weekend. You're leaving from your residence, which is farther east than your workstation in Frankfort. Even though the workstation is closed on the weekend and you could not leave from there, you still claim the shorter mileage from the workstation to the Exposition Center. (Per Valencia Banks, Email to Diane Marraccini, 8/23/2017).
    • This jives with the KAR above, as there is no exception for days when the work station is closed.

Motels & Hotels


Whether your hotel stay is direct-billed or out-of-pocket, you still have to get a receipt.  The receipt needs to have the following information:

  • Lodging charge
  • Proof of payment (essentially, a net balance of zero)
  • Day and time of check-in/checkout
  • Room number (a "good idea")
  • Your name (necessary) and address (another "good idea")

This information can be handwritten, if necessary. It must be provided on the hotel's letterhead and faxed or emailed. If this information absolutely cannot be provided by the lodging facility, an affidavit can be attached to the travel voucher that includes all of the above information.

State Lodges/Resorts

Refer to this email from Val:

Fiscal email concerning State Park accounting template.png