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There are an enormous number of topics to be covered in Occupational Safety & Health. This Library is in desperate need of all those who can contribute! And, just like Wikipedia, it's meant to be a living document. Information changes and new things come along all the time. For this Knowledge Library to be effective, the knowledge needs to be accurate, kept up-to-date, and be easy to use. Your contribution to the site is invaluable.

Are you researching a topic that you're unfamiliar with while you prepare for an inspection or to issue a citation? Create a wiki page to collect your notes and thoughts. This can be tremendously helpful for you and for others.

Do you have a collection of notes already collected? Transfer them over to the Knowledge Library! If everyone shares their experience, we can all gain from it.

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Recent News

March 9

Secretary Ramsey issued Administrative Order 2018-001 to delay enforcement of the new beryllium rule. This keeps Kentucky in step with federal OSHA's rule delay. The order delays GI enforcement until May 11, 2018 and delays enforcement of the PEL and STEL for the construction and shipyard industries until the same date. However, the other "ancillary provisions" of the standard for construction and shipyards "until further notice."

February 28

The Labor Cabinet has a new face for the Internet. The website has been updated.

IMPORTANT: Update the directions you give to potential complainants. Scroll down just below the banner image and you'll see a section labeled, "HOW DO I..." The third item there is a link to the OSH complaint form.

January 1, 2018

At the close of last year, Tony Long retired from the Safety Program Manager position. Thanks for your service to the Commonwealth, Tony!

December 18

Compliance has three new Safety CSHOs!

  • Dennis Hall
  • Emily Coleman
  • Jonathan Harris

Welcome, lady and gents!

November 16

  • OSH Compliance has a new director: Mr. Rodney Hall!
  • OSH E&T has a familiar face back on the team: Deron Thompson!
  • New Optional Codes to be used by Health Compliance. They are:
    • N-20 DAQ (Division of Air Quality)
    • N-20 CLPP (Child Lead Poisoning Prevention)

November 1

  • As of today, GAPS no longer exists. Bells were heard ringing through the land and ticker tape parades happened in every city!
  • Two new Consultants have started over in E&T: Susan Montgomery as an IH Consultant III and Alex Hackman as a Safety Consultant I

October 23

  • The new Respirable Silica rules for the Construction standard are now fully enforceable.
  • REMINDER: The rules for General Industry do not go into effect until June 23, 2018.

October 16

  • Two new IH's starting today: Joshua Adam Hoskins (prefers Adam) and Ira Griffith!
  • SAFETY NOTICE: "Genie has determined that the Operator's Protective Alarm (OPA) installed on any of the models listed on page 6 of the attached document is equipped with a mounting bracket that may become loose. This may cause the OPA assembly to fall off the machine resulting in a collision hazard." — Doug Kalinowski, OSHA SN 170004 (North America)

August 1

New Safety CSHO starts today: Remington Foley!

July 31

Safety CSHO Roseanna Hurst's last day. Happy Re-Retirement!!!

July 24

Director Foster's last day in the office. He's taking the rest of his two weeks off with leave.

July 21

Jacque sent out the latest edition of the OSHA Express Newsletter.

July 17

  • Director Foster announced that he is leaving us to pursue a position better for him and his family.
  • Two new IH's have joined KYOSH Compliance: Zachary Hoover and Todd Traylor.

July 7

OSHA Express - BUILD 166 Released

June 26, 2017

Through Kentucky's legislative process, the new silica standard has now also been postponed until the federal standard goes into effect. That is currently scheduled to go into effect in September.

June 15, 2017

OTI class pre-registration for Fed FY2018. Contact your training guru for details.

May 18, 2017

OTI course cancellations

  • Inspection Techniques and Legal Aspects Course 1410 – June 13-23, 2017
  • Advanced Legal Aspects Course 1412 – June 13-16, 2017
  • Ergonomic Course 2250 – June 20-23, 2017
  • Cranes in General Industry Course 2080 – June 27-29, 2017
  • PSM Hazard Analysis Course 3400 – July 11-21, 2017
  • Oil and Gas Course 3000 – August 8-11, 2017

May 17, 2017

  • Vacancy Posted (Click on "Search openings" here.)
    • OSH Compliance Officer I
    • Posting Date Range: 5/18 - 5/27
  • New Intranet web site: http://lab127web2/intra. This is only accessible from the work network.
  • KYOSH will be enforcing the new silica standards (OSHA Publication 3681) starting on June 23rd despite an internal OSHA policy memo extending the federal deadline until September. Kentucky statute does not allow the suspension, delay, or modification of regulations through policy or other administrative action once it has been adopted.

April 27, 2017

Adopted and Declined CPLs for KYOSH as of 2/3/17:

March 30, 2017

Data points being monitored by Director:

  • # of fatalities, imminent dangers, other than serious violations, serious violations, FTA, Willful, REC (Related to complaint/referral etc)
  • Average lapse times
  • Average citations per case